Living with Crohn’s Disease Suck-We Gone Fix that!

Lets learn about living with Crohns disease together, one step at a time.

living with crohn's disease

Living with Crohn’s disease is something that almost millions of people are living with, one of those people being our 14-year-old son.

It’s a disease that took me years to understand, and I’m still trying to put the puzzle together. I was that mother who needed to know the answers.

I was that mother that wanted to find out why my son was suffering from severe Crohn’s disease. What they hell is this shit?

One day he was fine, and the next day he was in the hospital being diagnosed with an unknown disease that I had never heard about.

*You could only imagine my face*

living with Crohn's Disease
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Being the fighters that we are;we decided to start understanding crohns disease, experimenting, failing and starting over.

There is an answer out there; we just need to figure out where it’s hiding.

Through years of research, taking classes, paying attention to every flareup, I’ve been blessed to be able to handle MOST of the flareups and get things back under control.

Easy? Hell no. But it did become easier over time.

We still utilize doctors and testing so that we can monitor his growth. And we still try to work hand in hand with his GI doctor.

I try not to be the one who lets the doctor control every aspect of his treatment. I involve myself, ask questions and do my own due diligence.

My son has been living with Crohn’s disease since he was 8 years old. It’s been nothing but an up and down journey.

Living with Crohn’s disease and it’s Bullshit

Here are a few things we have been faced with over the years:
• Blood in stool
• Fistulas
• Fissures
• Rectal pain and bleeding
• Inflamed colon
• Ulcerations in the small intestine
• Ileostomy (rectal rest)
• Colostomy (rectal rest)
• Ulceration on skin around appliance
• Removal of small portion of small intestine
• Overactive colon

But I will say this, he is a fucking soldier. He has gone through some major shit. I know grown people who would have taken their own lives by now. He is the reason why I created this site.

Regardless to all of this, I think I have only seen him cry about 4 times. He is his mother’s child. The strength it takes to push through this type of a pain as a child is beyond comprehensible.

But I always make sure to tell him that it’s ok for him to be angry. Never allow those negative emotions to linger.

living with Crohn's disease
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I wanted to pass on some of the knowledge that I have gathered over the years. The knowledge that has kept our son alive and well. With the help of his doctor of course.

Yes, he continues to have his moments. And yes, he continues to experience crohns flare ups occasionally, but he has come a long way.

We are still going through the seesaws, but things are becoming a little clearer the more we learn, and the more we try.

In my eyes, we might be faced with a leaky gut. And the only real way to find out is if we attempt to treat it.

I told my son that we must always make sure that we are able to handle the flare ups whenever we are in a waiting position when it comes to doctors.

People with Crohns pain understand that “waiting game” The game where you need help ASAP, but you can’t seem to get your doctor to move as fast as you need them to.

That’s the waiting game I refuse to allow my son to play. I am his second doctor. I’m the one that will take the pain away as much as possible until we can get where we need to be.

Any one dealing with severe Crohn’s disease, let me say that my heart is here with you. I want to say that you have to continue to pick yourself up and find the answer for yourself.

Don’t give up, and don’t allow anyone to tell you that it can’t be done. Always keep the faith, and take one step at a time.

Work towards better health by attacking as much information as you possibly can. You can live a pain free, and productive life naturally.

Living with Crohn’s disease shouldn’t control your life. And that is why we are going to look into every possible option there is to help not only our son, but others suffering in silence.

Don’t ever think that it’s going to be easy, because it won’t. It might be the hardest thing you ever do in your life. But the outcome is well worth it. Nothing ever worth having is easy to obtain.

This entire website is dedicated to our son Cam boog. Everything here has been tried and tested. I will share things that partially worked, fully worked, or failed to work for him.

People are different, which means that not everything works the same one everyone. There isn’t a one size fits all system when it comes to natural autoimmune disease treatment.

If one thing doesn’t work, then move on to the next until you find something that begins to show results. It’s also important that you learn to be patient.

I know that is difficult to say when you are suffering from severe Crohn’s disease, but what else can you do?

For most things to begin to really work, you won’t see any real results for at least a week. So stay persistent.

When you are seeking a natural treatment for your Crohn’s flare up, it’s important to understand that nothing is going to happen overnight, but it will happen.

What Dr.Crohns Will be Diving into

I will be talking about Crohn’s disease in depth on Dr.Crohns so you guys can begin to understand what you are fighting.

I’ve come to learn that you can beat your enemy if you don’t know who your enemy is. It’s time that we become knowledgeable about living with Crohn’s disease, and what it is.

There are tons of different scientific studies that have happened over the years. And we will try to bring you as much information as possible.

I will also be talking about natural herbs for pain, and anti-inflammatory herbs that can help calm down your system.

I will not be solely focused on inflammation treatment, but focused on autoimmune disease treatment.

I think that I have personally been focused on treating inflammation and not focused on the core of the disease.

So I have decided to change the direction of my son’s treatment, as well as my research. We are going to change the way we do things, and see where it takes us.

I want to look past the symptoms, and find out the source of problem. What is causing chronic inflammation in the gastrointestinal  system.

Lets take this journey together. Lets learn together, and lets ask questions. Beating this disease is our number one priority, and beating this disease is exactly what we are going to do.

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