The Benefits of Boswellia For Crohn’s Disease- Dump the Side Effects

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Sometimes I find myself getting overly professional when writing these articles. But that really isn’t my aim.

I just want to deliver information to the people who need it. I’m not anyone special. I have years of research under my belt, and I’m just a mother aimed at curing her son. That’s the bottom line.

With , I  have been looking it Boswellia for a while. I didn’t make this my first choice when treating him because, I wasn’t ready.

We started dosing him with Tumeric/pepprin/Quercetin and began to see a slight difference in his mucus production. His diarrhea subsided, which was also a positive sign, but I am looking for a little more.

I think that if I push the Tumeric to the side, implement Boswellia and couple it with Quercetin, we might see significant changes in his Crohns/Colitis.

Are Their Benefits to Using Boswellia for Crohn’s?

Word on the street is that there is a huge possibility that Boswellia can cause remission in the people who choose to use it.

I’m not yet an advocate, but I will say that after all the time spent studying it’s effect on people suffering from autoimmune diseases, I am quite impressed with its ability to extinguish inflammation.

The use of Boswellia resin dates back thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. But it’s only recent decades that the full potential of extracted boswellic acids from boswellia resin have been studied.

Boswellia has a way of targeted multiple pathways in the body, unlike conventual medicines which only targets one.

Boswellia modulates a inflammation pathway called 5-lox (5-lipoxygenase) This enzyme activates inflammatory leukotrienes,.5-LOX plays a huge role in allergies, COPD, asthma, Crohn’s, and colitis.

The benefits of Boswellia go beyond just Crohn’s disease, and colitis. And the crazy part is that it doesn’t seem to have any bad side effects, unlike conventional medication.


What Does Boswellia Do for the Body?

During my Boswellia research I learned that this anti-inflammatory herb is one of the very few that can fight 5-LOX inflammation.

Even curcumin, which I have grown to love doesn’t have the same level of effect. Which why I have decided to switch them out.

Boswellia can control inflammation markers, and keep other cellular inflammation and damage from getting out of hand. It’s can stop tumor formation due to its ability to in inhibit 5-LOX.

Although Boswellia can treat many areas of inflammation, when it comes to IBD, boswellia stops inflammation triggers, reducing the incidences of the inflammatory cascade effect.

Boswellia has the ability to work for you not against you. Getting the right extract is crucial to the success of your treatment.

Choosing the right boswellia means that you choose one that can stop the painful inflammation, bloating, bacterial overgrowth, cramp, and other unpredictable events. Boswellia is said to have the ability to

  • promote irregularity
  • top intestinal damage
  • relieve diarrhea
  • inhibit bloating, pain and gas

Microscopic inflammation throughout the entire colon and small bowel may be one of the physical causes. When you tissues is already inflamed, it causes the body to release inflammatory mediators that affect the enteric nerves.

This tends to change how your digestive system acts, changing the dynamics of it’s function.

There have been a few successful Boswellia clinical trials, and that is enough for me to say “lets try it”.

How to Choose the Right Boswellia Serrata


There are specific compounds that we must look for when buying Boswellia. If you choose the wrong boswellia, you could be setting yourself up for failure.

One Boswellia most powerful compound is AKBA(acetyl-11-keto-B-boswellic-acid) Based on research, naturally elevated level of AKBA is a must

We don’t want to purchase Boswellia that has artificially increased levels of AKBA. It must be naturally distributed through the herb.

The best form on Boswellia is one that has enhanced boswellia that is 10X stronger than unstandardized versions.

The boswellia you choose should have 10% AKBA and less than %5 beta-boswellic acid.  Beta-boswellic acid is pro-inflammatory.

We want to make sure that we are getting the most boswellic acid so that it works exactly how it’s supposed to.


I’ve found that the Boswellia Herb I found might be the right product to start with. It’s boswellia contains 25% AKBA and is made with full spectrum supercritical extracts.

It helps to maintain a healthy and positive inflammation response, and it has extract of boswellia 50:1 Ratio contains 25% AKBA or 125 mgs of AKBA.

I like the fact that it’s a whole herb, pure, potent and bioavailable. It’s a tad bit costly but it looks like it might be worth a try.

I will be buying this and using it for 30 days consistently, coupled with Quercetin, vitamin D3, Serrapeptase, and a liquid organic multi vitamin.

You guys can check my results in the “My Thoughts. My Theories”.

If you want to find out which Boswellia product I’ve chosen to use for our son. Subscribe below.

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