Autoimmune Disease Treatments-How Do They Really Work?

autoimmune disease treatments
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When I write this blog, I try to be impersonal when it comes to autoimmune Disease treatments and the disease, because honestly, I don’t have the desire to be politically correct.

I do try to bring the facts so that Crohnnies can learn more about the disease they are struggling with. I think most people are lost and have no idea what is going on with their bodies.

But I want to help you guys get a hold of the situation as best as you can.

I always tell my son that when it comes to your health and situation, you must be aware of the decisions you make. No one should care about your situation more than YOU.

Arm yourself and educate yourself as much as you can. Learn about this disease so you can fight it. Don’t depend on me or the doctors to do all the work for you.

Take the tools that you are given, and take advantage of them. Don’t let all this free information get past your fingertips, and don’t be afraid to try EVERYTHING.

At the end of the day, doctors aren’t trying to fnd a chrome disease treatment, they want to suppress it. And although that isn’t necessarily a bad idea, there still needs to be an understanding that you can only suppress your immune system so long before things come to a halt.

I understand the importance of taking the pain away. But what are we going to do when it comes time to stand on your own two feet.

There has to be an natural anti-inflammatory supplement that no only lessen inflammation, but does it effectively.

autoimmune disease treatment
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What happens when those autoimmune disease treatments no longer work? What happens when you can’t afford to take them?

How are you going to adjust and live a productive life without it? This is where we are with our son.

We are in a place where we must figure out how to help him live is best life without autoimmune disease treatments that can and will ultimately kill him.

If you are currently taking autoimmune disease treatments and have no idea how they work, then shame on you.

You should be more than aware of the things that go into your body. You should be understanding Crohns disease the dynamics of autoimmune disease treatments, and how they work when it comes to your inflammation.


How Do Autoimmune Disease Treatments Work?

I was sitting at my desk and wanted to find out what made Remicade do what it did. I wanted to find out how these types of immune suppressants worked so that I could find natural forms that did the same thing.

Crazy I know. But after days of research I came across a strong list of immunosuppressants that were of natural substance.

People with autoimmune diseases such as Crohns have too much protein called Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha (TNF-alpha) in their body.

TNF isn’t a bad thing, but it seems that too much of it can cause ongoing inflammation. TNF works to regulate immune cells and inflammation in the body, and it also can protect the immune response so that it helps to block infections,

Too much TNF can offset the immune system’s balance and cause excess inflammation.

The question that I still sit on is why is the body creating all this TNF-alpha? I have yet to figure that part out. But I think a leaky gut might play a huge role in excessive TNF-alpha.


Remicade works to suppress the immune system by blocking the TNF-alpha protein. Which is why the possibility of getting an infection in high. Your immune system’s signals are being blocked, so it won’t be wired to recognize infectious bacteria.


Although these medications have done wonders for my son in the past. I still believed that it wasn’t doing anything but making things worse.

Inflammation isn’t good and should be controlled. But at what cost are we going to do that at?

It was good while it lasted but what were we going to do when these medications stopped working? I refused to become dependent on these medications, and that is why I work day and night to fix what’s broken.

I figured if I figure out how Remicade and these other autoimmune suppressant treatments work, we can research and develop a strong immunosuppressant that helped people suffering from Crohn’s disease.

So, the work has begun. I have found a set of anti-inflammatory herbs  that can possibly  work in the same way that Remicade and Humira does.

Now although I have found these herbs, I still must research scientific reports. Find the ones that are promising and figure out a way to bring the promising ones together.

The only real way to do that is to pull the ones with potential out of the list and try them one at a time.

I plan to share what I am currently using on our son and why. We are in the middle of not only making changes to his diet, but we are also implementing a treatment plan one supplement at a time.

I have found 24 anti-inflammatory herbs that work similarly to Remicade. All 24 aren’t going to be potential treatments for our son.

But we are going through them one at a time to see which one deserves a spot. We have started with two immunosuppressant herbs and it has done wonders so far.

I’m still satisfied with the strength and dosage. But I can see results and that is always a good. We can see a healthier colon.

No blood in output, and appetite is back up and running. We are moving in the right direction, we just must figure out the perfect treatment for him.

It’s important that people suffering autoimmune disease try to understand crohns disease, and that one treatment does not fit all. Treatments must be adjusted based on the symptoms and the disease itself.

That is the great thing about nature. There are so much to learn about autoimmune disease treatments outside of conventional medicine There is something out there for everyone, we just have to find it.

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