Why I Thought Coconut Oil Anti Inflammatory Would Work for Crohn’s


Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil








        • tasteless
        • fights flare ups
        • Universal


        • consistency
        • minor coconut smell
        • hardens over time

        Using Coconut oil as an anti-inflammatory treatment can be a option.If you suffer from crohn’s and you are still stuck between treatment of crohn’s it effectively, then you have come to the right place.

        My son has suffered from crohn’s for almost 8 years. And the past three years have been the best 3 years of his life..Having coconut oil anti-inflammatory treatment is to blame.

        You get to a point where you need answers. And I chose to learn how to treat inflammation.

        I no longer wanted to depend on conventional medications because they were doing nothing but making him sicker.

        So, I took a journey down the alternative world, and tried anything and everything that I could get my hands on.

        Please don’t get it misconstrued, Western medicine can be helpful. And using such medications has it’s bitter sweet moments.

        But over time, they become less effective, and they also come with horrific ass side effects.

        The Benefits of Using Coconut Oil as an Anti Inflammatory Treatment

        Most people have heard that coconut oil can do wonders when it comes to your health. And although I can sit and list all of the benefits it offers. I would rather talk about how it helped my son’s crohn’s after long term use.

        Please believe that I’m not here to offer an overnight cure for crohn’s disease. There is NONE.

        However, how we got here was done over a long period of time. So we have to be willing to put in the effort to turn everything around.

        That was something I had to remind myself as I started down this alternative treatment for crohn’s.

        Adding coconut oil to keep your digestive health in check is been a successful treatment for centuries.

        Coconut oil as an anti inflammatory has done wonders for not only my health but the health of others around me.

        It was freaking funny that the American Heart Association announced that coconut oil wasn’t at all good for you.

        But once you look at who said it. It became ultimate bullshit. These same people promote cereal full of sugar and artificial colors.

        Everything should be done in balance. If you lack balance, then you will find that your attempt will be fruitless.

        Understand that consuming saturated fats means that you must cut your consumption of sugar and carbohydrates.

        One of the reasons I cut my son’s sugar consumption across the board was because I noticed it caused horrible flare ups. Plus research continues to show that sugar inflames your arteries.

        People are so focused on cholesterol, but in my mind, I feel that inflammation is the culprit to most disease.


        It’s funny how people push positive health claims about Omega 6 when in actuality high amounts of omega 6 has been linked to fatty liver, arthritis, irritable bowel disorder, chronic system inflammation and chronic inflammatory disorders.

        The more inflammation in the body (crp in blood tests) the more likely you are to suffer from diseases.

        Coconut oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can fight systemic inflammation. Which means that it can help inflammation across your entire body.

        Ever since my son started suffering from crohn’s disease, he started feeling pain in other places in his body. So, I knew that there were other inflammation issues in his body.

        Coconut oil as an anti-inflammatory treatment has been coupled with my vitamin D3 treatment of crohn’s to help heighten the strength.

        We all know that crohn’s isn’t something you can pop a pill for and hope for the best. we have to consume the right minerals, vitamin d and foods. And all these foods should play a role in inflammation.

        Why Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a Great Place to Start

        I’m very particular about the supplements, vitamins and foods that I buy now. Since my son has a sensitive system that I partially blame on myself, I now have to be aware of what and how I do things.

        The Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil is a product that I found through a friend. I started using Olive oil, which I still use. But I wanted to try an organic coconut oil because I have heard how well it works on inflammation.

        I could have spent money on a cheap version of coconut oil but then I wouldn’t have known what I was getting. The better the product, the more it will cost.

        Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is USDA certified organic, Non-GMO and gluten free. It has a detoxifying property which can be beneficial when it comes to cleaning your gut.

        And the fact that it comes in a glass jar is even more important. Many coconut oil products are packaged in plastic which can leak into the coconut oil making it toxic.

        This oil also contains 63% medium chain triglycerides and 50% lauric acid. And we all know how important those ingredients play in the fight against inflammation.

        Pros of Using Terrasoul Coconut Oil

        Odorless– Although it had a hint of a coconut smell. I was still able to take a spoonful without the taste of coconut. I’ve tried many different coconut oil products, and many of them have a coconut taste. I HATE THAT.

        Fights Flare ups– Yes, the effects of coconut oil was substantial enough for me to believe in it’s abilities .

        I can tell when my son’s inflammation is in check because he doesn’t have rectal pain from his previous fistula.

        And when he let out mucus, there is no blood and no pain what so ever. After a month of consuming this coconut oil, he started feeling like a better me.

        Universal– I like that I can cook with this oil, take it solo. And use it on my skin. However I want to use Terrasoul, I can use it.


        The cons of using Terrasoul Coconut Oil

        Consistency-  My son has a picky tongue.Coconut oil is somewhat thick, which I’m not a fan of.

        Minor Coconut Smell- Although the smell isn’t strong, I still could live without the smell all together.

        Hardens over time- I must melt this coconut oil whenever it hardens. Can be a bit of a headache.


        My personal opinion about Terrasoul Coconut oil as an anti inflammatory is based on how it performed for me. Anything that my son consume for his crohn’s disease has to be of HIGH QUALITY. This disease is nothing to play with, so I make sure that whatever I don’t waste money on products that won’t benefit his health in a positive way. So far I have good things to say about this coconut oil. And I will until the day it stops working.


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