Serrapeptase Testimonial- It Might Help Crohn’s Disease

serrapeptase testimonial
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Doctor's Best Serrapeptase

Doctor's Best Serrapeptase








        • Fights Inflammation
        • Breaks down Scar Tissue
        • Cheaper than Western Medication


        • Can be Pricey
        • Takes a 3 days to start working
        • Not exlcusive at Every Retailer

        I am going to give a Serrapeptase testimonial telling you how it might help Crohn’s disease Inflammation. We are currently using this enzyme, and things are looking up.

        We have gone through tons of different alternative treatments for Crohn’s and colitis disease. And believe me when I tell you, it’s been a journey.

        We have failed many, but have found success in things that we never even knew existed. One of those things was a systemic enzyme called Serrapeptase.

        I’m sure you are scrunching your face up right now, wondering what the hell serrapeptase is.

        I was the same way when I first ran across this beautiful enzyme that does so many things.

        I want to talk about how I came across this enzyme and how it ended up helping our son maintain remission for almost 3 months now.

        What Is Serrapeptase?

        Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme that was discovered in the 1970’s. This enzyme was isolated from the Serratia species of bacteria, which is in the intestines of the silkworms.

        Also called serratiopeptidase, this enzyme is a superior enzyme that provides, healthful properties.

        Serrapeptase has been used widely throughout Asia and Europe as an enzyme that works to break down non-living tissue.

        There are tons of clinical studies happening on Serrapeptase regarding its ability to break down nonliving tissue, as well as its ability to tackle inflammation.

        Not only is Serrapeptase able to shed dead tissue, it’s able to handle numerous different health conditions.

        German Physician Dr. Hans Nieper had major success supplementing with serrapeptase to promote normal circulatory system health.

        This immunologically active enzyme can bind itself to the alpha 2 macroglobulin in our blood, being protected from the immune system while keeping its enzymatic strength.

        This allows the successful transfer to sites in the body that needs it the most.

        Serrapeptase carries the same power that allows the silkworm to eat its own cocoon, and digest it with ease.

        The power of serrapeptase causes toxic layers from the digestive system, as well as our arteries to dissolve.

        People who have had heart surgery could benefit from the effects of serrapeptase because it can keep arterial deposits from building up after surgery.

        What Serrapeptase is Used For-

        • Hay fever
        • Disease prevention
        • Multiple sclerosis
        • Chronic ear infection
        • Nerve damage
        • Swollen glands
        • Lung congestion
        • Laryngitis
        • Rhinitis
        • Chronic pain
        • Diabetes
        • Ulcers (ulcerative colitis)
        • Prostate problems
        • Arthritis
        • Operative scars, and lesions
        • Arterial disease
        • Anti-aging
        • Blood clots
        • Restoration of fibrin metabolism
        • Reduction in C-reactive protein

        The Beauty Behind Serrapeptase

        This enzyme has been used widely across the world, and continues to become an important therapeutic treatment.

        Scientists in India began researching serrapeptase just to see how humans could benefit from it.

        Over time, they found that serrapeptase is an anti-fibrotic enzyme, which means that many health conditions are the result of abnormal scarring or thinking of fibrous connective tissue.

        Diseases with excess fibrous-

        • Fibrocystic Breast
        • Plaquing of the arterial walls
        • Uterine Fibroid tumors
        • Scarring after injury
        • Scarring after surgery
        • Cystic Fibrosis
        • Blood Clots

        The thing that I have found wonderful about serrapeptase is that it’s healing property doesn’t stop there.

        It can fight against inflammation. In all forms. Whether you are suffering from inflammation of the digestive system, joint or organs, it can fight it.

        Serrapeptase works to break down the excess fibrin and dead tissue, in turn eliminating your body’s need to defend itself.

        Your body then removes the tissue from your body and puts in a position to  begin healing.

        One of the things that interest me about Serrapeptase is its ability to fight inflammatory diseases such as-

        • Crohn’s Disease
        • Ulcerative Colitis
        • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

        It also can fight autoimmune disorders such as-

        • Rheumatoid Arthritis
        • Multiple Sclerosis
        • Psoriasis
        • Allergies
        • Cancer

        If you are a fan of taking NSAIDS, as well as powerful steroids that are used for pain control such as Remicade and Humira; Serrapeptase serves as a healthy alternative.

        It  has the ability to attack pain, as well as  effectively calm inflammation throughout the entire body.

        My Serrapeptase Testimonial-


        When my son went to get his coloscopy, they said that there was massive scar tissue within is colon.

        Of course, they assumed this considering that they weren’t even able to enter his colon. So I decided to take him off of Remicade, because prior to him being on Remicade he didn’t have any scar tissue within his colon.

        I explained to this doctors that I wanted to try going the alternative route to see how far we get.

        We obviously weren’t getting too far with the medications he was taking, so I felt like it was time for a change.

        I not only didn’t like the fact that they were being so aggressive with his treatment, I also didn’t like the fact that it affected how performed in school.

        He was bringing in F’s and not focusing at all. And I told his doctors that it was due to the medication. They thought I was crazy, but I know my kid.

        When I put together a treatment plan for my son, serrapeptase was included in that treatment plan.

        After extensive research, I had no doubt in my mind that serrapeptase could control his inflammation, as well as break down whatever scar tissue he might have.

        We took him off medication May of 2017, and started him on Serrapeptase. It will be September 1, 2017 and we are doing quite well.

        Is it same to say that we are one of the success stories? It could be possible. We aren’t quite there yet. But we are well on our way.

        He made it through the entire summer feeling amazing. He lost a few pounds but in my opinion, that is to be expected.

        He was on steroids for years. And a lot of the weight was water retention. Which if you know anything about medication then you know that long term use can cause water retention.

        I will talk about his entire treatment plan in “My Thoughts, Theories”.

        My son did experience a flare up two weeks ago, when my ex- husband decided to feed him a burger, knowing he can’t eat that. It’s one of the reasons why he is my EX.

        That situation made me livid to my core. All the hard work and progress we are making at home, and his so called “father” comes along and disregards it.

        So during that flare up, we had to up his serrapeptase intake, work to bring his PH balance down, and now we are about to add in a high calorie smoothie to make up for any weight loss he might have experienced during his flare up.


        • 10,000 SPU – 250,000 SPU

        If you are suffering from minor ailments then you can take 1-2 capsules per day. Therapeutic dosages can go as high as 7 capsules of 25,000 SPU twice per day.

        We are slowly upping his dose as time goes on. We started with 2 capsules per day, and plan to move it up to 4 per day.

        After 3 months of using Serrapeptase, he has had no rectal pain, no blood in his movements, and he doesn’t suffer from abnormal stomach pain.

        He also started school, and is currently sitting on all A’s in his classes. He has retained his focus and continues to thrive with ease.

        It’s highly important that if you know when to take serrapeptase that you take it on an empty stomach. We give our son serrapeptase 20 minutes before a meal, or two hours after eating.

        We have yet to see any serrapeptase enzyme side effects, which is amazing; because we come from a place where side effects are evident.

        Taking it on an empty stomach allows it to get into your blood stream and move through your system effectively.


        The only side effect that I continue to be confronted with is the interference with blood thinners. Talk to your physician about serrapeptase if you are currently taking blood thinner.

        It’s also important to stop taking serrapeptase 24 hours before surgery. Not doing so could cause you to experience excessive bleeding.

        Final Thoughts-

        In all the years that we have been trying and experimenting with treatments, serrapeptase is the first one that has carried the weight and held it down. So far it has done some amazing things when it comes to keeping our son in remission without steroids.

        Coupling it with a healthy diet, as well as keeping his ph levels in check; we are seeing some tremendous results.


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