How to Recover From Anemia Quickly

how to reccover from anemia quickly
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Plantation Organic Blackstrap Molasses

Plantation Organic Blackstrap Molasses








        • Easy Absorption
        • Diabetes Friendly
        • Great for Anemia


        • Thick consistency
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        How to recover from anemia quickly is a question thousands of people ask. If you have never heard of blackstrap molasses then it’s time that we ride through just how it can help you recover from anemia quickly.

        If you are still looking for a way to chin check iron deficiency , then I want to share how I did it, and what I use.

        We are going to look past the coconut oil anti inflammatory project for a second, although I believe that coconut is helpful in it’s own right.

        Lets take a look at this magical liquid that has the ability to not only help your anemia, but stabilize with continuous use.

        How to Recover from Anemia Quickly with Blackstrap Molasses

        The name blackstrap molasses represents it’s structure quit well. It’s a dark, sticky, thick substance that packs some serious health benefits.

        This beautiful liquid is a byproduct of the sugar extraction process. This sugar cane is crushed to grab the juice out.

        Once the juice has been pushed out, the juice is boiled and then crystallized.

        The thing about blackstrap molasses is that most of the sugar has been taken away, making it the lest sweet of any other type of molasses.

        Of course, it still contains sugar compounds, but it’s still an exceptional sweetener alternative.

        This amazing form of sugar is rich in minerals.

        Coppers- This mineral is extremely important when it comes to helping the body function. It’s role is to help the body absorb iron . It also helps tissue and bones development.It It also helps with the color of your hair and skin.

        Manganese- When you take at least 1 and a half teaspoons of blackstrap molasses, you are giving your body 18% of manganese.This trace mineral is a component of the superoxide dismutase enzyme. It is an antioxidant that works to protect all of your cells. Antioxidants are highly important when protecting yourself from free radicals.

        Iron-This mineral is what makes up the red clood cells, and hemoglobin.It’s an essential part of growth and energy production.

        20 grams of blackstrap molasses contains around 5.88 g of sucrose, 2.38 g of glucose. And 2.56 g of fructose.

        The glycemic number is about 55 for blackstrap. Taking this too much on a daily basis can pose a problem.

        How Blackstrap Molasses Helps with Crohn’s

        This is the amazing part about using blackstrap molasses. When it comes to crohn’s there is some sort of blood lose, in turn keeping people in the anemic range.

        It can be frustrating because being anemic on a regular basis can create havoc on your body. And cause you to have a lack of energy. Plus too much blood lose can be dangerous.

        As crohn’s warriors , you have to be ready to take a leap of faith when it comes to your health and your home treatment.

        What do you have to lose? You are already probably taking medications that aren’t working or making you feel worse. You might as well start implementing natural alternatives to your treatment.

        Blackstrap seems to work better than iron tablets because your body can better absorb iron.

        I began giving blackstrap molasses to my son for about a month to get his blood count up. At the beginning it didn’t work. And then I realized that iron is better absorbed when coupled with vitamin C.

        After giving him blackstrap molasses over a 2 month period, his anemia was climbing back to the normal stages.

        Blackstrap molasses has a way of making you feel more energetic. Which is important when you are suffering from anemia.

        It took about 3 months to get out of the anemic arena. But once he was there, it became easier to maintain his blood levels. Plus he was losing less blood during his mucus release.

        Pros of using Blackstrap Molasses for Anemia

        Easy Absorption-It’s important that people with crohn’s have access to digestible food and supplements.

        Most of the time your intestines are in a state of shock.And when you are in a state of shock, you can’t absorb the nutrients needed to thrive.

        Blackstrap is a liquid, and once you take it, it becomes readily available to your body. Easy to digest and doesn’t irritate the stomach.

        Diabetes friendly- Diabetes is a big deal in America. And not having access to except able sugars can put you in a hard position. Blackstrap Molasses is diabetes friendly because it is absorbed slowly, helping to regulate your blood sugar.

        Great for Anemia-It’s no secret that blackstrap molasses is good for people who don’t have enough red blood cells. 5 tablespoons a day gives you your 95 percent of your daily allowance.

        Cons of using Blackstrap Molasses

        Thick Texture- Although I don’t see this a negative. My son is  a texture freak. It’s pretty thick when taking it by spoon. It kind of reminds me of how coconut oil tastes when taking it.I personally wouldn’t recommend that you take it solo.

        How to Use Blackstrap Molasses

        There are different ways you can use blackstrap molasses. It really is about personal preference.

        Overall, overtime anemia can be treated with blackstrap molasses.

        When my I take it I add about 2 tablespoons to a cup of warm water, and I sip it. My son takes it plain jane. Just that simple.To me, it tastes just like a cup of coffee.

        I drink a maximum of 1 cup per day, followed by a cup or orange juice. That is all it takes to get your anemia moving in the right direction.








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